3.4.4 released!

Posted on 06 April 2023

Mostly important bugfixes, but also few new things.

  • Added ICU extension, shipped with binary packages (thanks to @tuffnatty)
  • Syntax highlighting is now responsive to day/night automatic changes made by the OS (if syntax colors are set to default).
  • Fixed a very common bug with query execution, manifesting itself usually with the "near ")": syntax error" message .
  • SQLite updated to 3.41.2
  • More bugfixes... full list is available as always in the ChangeLog.

3.4.3 released!

Posted on 19 January 2023

A quick release with just few bugfixes.

Linux binaries are build on Ubuntu 20.04 (in oppose to versions 3.4.0 - 3.4.2, which were built on Ubuntu 22.04), which enables these binaries to be run on both Ubutnu 22.04 and 20.04.

Other than that changes are cosmetic and can be reviewed in the ChangeLog.

3.4.2 released!

Posted on 16 January 2023

Yet another bugfix release for the 3.4.x series. It brings 32 bugs fixed and 2 small enhancements.

As always, the full ChangeLog is available.

3.4.1 released!

Posted on 02 December 2022

An important update after the 3.4.0. It fixes few key issues.

Most notable bugs fixed:

  • Loading data of tables that refer other tables with foreign key could take very, very long in some cases. It's fixed now to work as fast as it was in 3.3.3.
  • Crash when clicking "Test connection" in Database Dialog.
  • Crash when executing JavaScript-implemented custom SQL functions.
  • TLS issues when checking online for updates.
  • SQLite version updated to most recent 3.40.0.

...but there are more fixes in this release. As usually, I recommend to see ChangeLog for full list.

3.4.0 released!

Posted on 16 November 2022

This version brings quite a number of new features, enhancements and updates, but also a lot of bugfixes.

Most notable changes:

  • Installer packages are back (while portable packages are still available on GitHub Releases page). The new installer is driven by the VMware InstallBuilder.
  • SQLite upgraded to latest 3.39.4. With the upgrade also new features and updated SQL syntax is fully supported:
    • MATERIALIZED syntax in CTE
    • STRICT tables
  • Python scripting plugin (alongside of already existing similar Tcl, JavaScript and SQL plugins).
  • Code Snippets - a collection of SQL snippets that you can maintain in your SQLiteStudio and use it instantly from the Code Assistant (by triggering the assistant twice).
  • Added convenient way to increase/decrease font size by using Ctrl+MouseWheel or by (configurable) shortcuts Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -.
  • Application state (session) is saved (apart from normal application exit) whenever the state changes and also during critical application crash.
  • WAL mode is now handled properly upon application quit or database disconnection.
  • Database dialog has now just one browse button, but uses Qt file dialog, not native one.
  • Windows i386 (32 bit) binaries are now provided out of the box.
  • Changed F2 hotkey, so it enters inline editing of a cell (no longer it opens the config dialog, which now is under F10 key).
  • Fixed Dead Keys support under Linux.
  • Linux binaries are now built on Ubuntu 22.04 (used to be 20.04).
  • New model of translation files (thanks to the Crowdin).

...and a lot more. Full changelog is available here.

3.3.3 released!

Posted on 12 April 2021

Rather small, yet important bugfix release. Includes update to the most recent SQLite (3.35.4) and brings back independent SQLite library file to allow user manual updates if necessary.

Other notable changes are:

  • Expanded/collapsed state of connected databases is saved and restored upon next startup.
  • The "DEFAULT" column on Structure tab is now correctly showing the default value (it was always empty in 3.3.2).
  • Fixed support for portable config directory (the "sqlitestudio-cfg") that was broken in prior 3.3.x version.
  • Few bugs causing unexpected application crash were fixed, improving overall stability of the application.
  • Import and Export dialogs are now rendered correctly under "Fusion Dark" theme.

Full changelog is available here.

3.3.2 released!

Posted on 07 March 2021

Yet another bugfix release, due to critical bug in 3.3.1, which caused SQL numbers and star operators to be wrapped with quotes.

Apart from this key bugfix, one more fix in this version is that parenthesis pairs matching now uses different color scheme than text selection colors, so it is not confusing anymore. By the way of this release also automated Unit Tests are added for SQL formatter component, to reduce amount of regression bugs.

3.3.1 released!

Posted on 05 March 2021

A quick bugfix release, due to critical bug in 3.3.0, which caused SQL strings to be stripped from quote characters when formatting it.

Other changes:

  • New option was added in configuration dialog (on Data Browsing page) allowing to disable "smart limit" for number of rows if user is working with lots of columns.
  • HighDPI support improved further. There are still many issues with HighDPI scaling, but they are caused by issues that Qt has and SQLiteStudio will gain fixes for that as improvements in Qt are made.
  • The Foreign Key dropdown (in grid view) was fixed to restore behavior from 3.2.1 (instead of selecting always 1st value from dropdown - or even crashing - when clicking away of it).

3.3.0 released!

Posted on 21 February 2021

After almost 3 years I'm proud to announce version 3.3.0. It brings update of SQLite to 3.34.1 with all its new features, dark theme, and much more!

Among many bugs fixed (59) and improvements, here are few outstanding new features and changes:

  • SQLite upgraded to 3.34.1. This includes UI support for "generated columns", support for new syntax statements - OVER (Window Functions), UPDATE FROM, VACUUM INTO.
  • DbSqliteWx plugin upgraded to use SQLite3MultipleCiphers (SQLite 3.34.1), thus now capable of opening WxSQLite3, SQLCipher and System.Data.SQLite databases (also under Linux & MacOS).
  • DbSqliteCipher plugin upgraded to the most recent version too (which runs SQLite 3.34.0).
  • Windows binaries are now 64-bit.
  • Big values handing was significantly improved. SQLiteStudio still limits initial value for all cells to 100 characters (for optimization reasons) and loads full value when editing it, but if a cell has more data available for display, it will show button at the right side of the cell, allowing to load remaining piece of data at once. User can also load full values for entire column from right-click menu of the column header.
  • Improved HighDPI displays support.
  • Dark theme (Dark Fusion), including native dark theme on MacOS X.
  • Toolbars received a small lifting - a number of buttons were removed (their functions are still available through menu bar, right-click context menu and keyboard shortcuts), Editor Window got its database dropdown pulled to the left, Table Window & View Window got database dropdowns at the beginning of toolbars - for easier context understanding by user.

Most repeated and irritating bugs that were fixed:

  • Database panel (left-side panel) shrinking all the time - no longer shrinks.
  • Column in data view is no longer resized if user sets his own width and then edits values in cells or refreshes data from database.

There are few notable removals:

  • System.Data.SQLite plugin was removed, as the official System.Data.SQLite library was getting more and more outdated and with new DbSqliteWx plugin version (which can open System.Data.SQLite files) there's no need to continue this plugin.
  • SQLite2 plugin was removed. It was hardly ever used and was causing a lot of maintenance effort.
  • Installer (Qt's Installer Framework) was removed. Updates will still be checked and user will be notified about new version being available, but it will be up to the user to download new version. Only portable packages are going to be provided from now, until more suitable installer framework is found & mastered.

Full Change Log is available at

You can download new version either directly from home page or choose other files from GitHub releases page.

Development update

Posted on 04 February 2021

GENERATED columns support added & moved to version 3.3.0.

A lot of time passed since last release and SQLite has introduced number of syntax incompatible changes. More and more people complain about this so I decided to push hard on having them in SQLiteStudio. I just finished working on the "GENERATED ALWAYS AS" columns support. It's a full support, that includes SQL syntax compliance, Constraints Dialog support and proper behavior (refreshing) in the data Grid View and Form View.

This of course comes with update of SQLite up to the most recent (at this moment) version - 3.34.1. Next big item pending is support for the Window Functions. These are big milestones, I decided to bump next SQLiteStudio release version to 3.3.0 (instead of 3.2.2). All the bugfixes planned for 3.2.2 are still valid for 3.3.0.

It looks like I will be able to deliver some more work during upcoming weeks, so I will be pushing forward the 3.3.0 as much as possible.

By the way I would like to thank all the supporters of the project! Especially big thanks to donators! Also thanks to all people who contribute translations in CrowdIn (all CrowdIn translations will be applied in SQLiteStudio 3.4.0). Then I'd like to thank those, who contribute even little piece code here and there. Finally, I would like to thank all people who care enough to reports spotted bugs, to share enhancement ideas, to propose solutions and to criticize (this is sometimes useful too).