Update on the Dark theme

Posted on 29 May 2020

I'd like to share with you results of my recent efforts towards dark theme for SQLiteStudio.

The work is nearly done. I still need to make adjustments under MacOS, but here's what you may expect in upcoming version 3.2.2:

New home page & more

Posted on 01 May 2020

As you already noticed, SQLiteStudio got its new home page. After significant period of stagnation, I'm back to active development of the project. There are few things already taken care of and solid plans for near future.

What's already done

  • New home page. Obviously.
  • CI/CD with GitHub actions. I've already set up pipeline for unit tests per commit + 3 pipelines for building Windows/Mac/Linux binaries with just one click. This removes impediment of building binaries for each release, which was a headache so far.
  • Installer (Qt Installer Framework) is removed from the application. We're going back to portable packages only (i.e. download, uncompress and run). When I was introducing it in version 3.2.0, I wanted solution that is well tested and will make automatic updates for users easy. Instead it introduced more issues and bugs into the application, made binaries way bigger and complicated releasing process even further. I decided to remove automatic updates, but the application will still check if there is new version released (on GitHub) and notify user if there is (offering link to click). It's just that it won't install it - user will have to download and install it. Maybe in future I'll consider other installer framework(s).
  • Windows 64-bit binaries. Yes. No longer 32-bit binaries for Windows (which was often a trouble when working with huge datasets).
  • SQLite2 and Android plugins are removed. They were very rarely used and caused a lot of maintenance effort.
    • SQLite2 is old. If you need to open it, use older SQLiteStudio, migrate to SQLite3 and move on.
    • Android plugin was far from ideal. To make it usable at decent level, it would require lots and lots of work. Also, I'm convinced there are better, dedicated ways to deal with SQLite databases in Android applications. I'm not an expert, but I think even Android Studio does it well.
  • SQLite3 version updated to 3.30/3.31 (depending on certain plugins, not all vendors are at 3.31 at the moment when I'm writing it). Currently this is just about having recent database engine & syntax assistance, that will understand window functions and other new features in pure SQL queries. It will require more work in future to provide UI clickable interface for these features.
  • Facebook page has been decommissioned. I'm not active FB user and I was always late with answering questions there. It is also yet another place to put time & effort to, while it's not really beneficial to the project.

Of course there is many more bugfixes and minor enhancements coming in next release. You can track it on GitHub.


There is few things on my TODO list that I consider critical. They will not necessarily go into next release (which is mostly about bug fixing + few small enhancements), but are high on my priority list.

  • Proper theming, with few pre-defined themes, including dark. Currently theming & color configuration is a nightmare.
  • UI simplification. There is too much buttons at first glance. It should be more intuitive. Overall UX should be improved.
  • High DPI support. Icons in the app are not scalable. SVG iconset should be used instead.

Files moved to GitHub

Posted on 30 December 2019
Today all binary & source code packages were moved to GitHub Releases page, where there will no longer be any slowness of file hosting. It also makes process of releasing files much easier.

3.2.1 released!

Posted on 26 July 2018

Soon after 3.2.0 few major problems appeared, which are addressed in 3.2.1.

One was inability to start application under Linux, second was missing Image previewer plugin in binary packages. Both problems were caused by incorrect packaging scripts. There was also one more smaller bug regarding data exporting (see ChangeLog for more details).

If you're upgrading automatically from 3.2.0, after you're done, you need to run the "UpdateSQLiteStudio" from application's folder, pick "Add or remove component" option, on next page expand the tree and mark "Image editor/viewer plugin" and proceed with installation. If you're installing/downloading 3.2.1 from homepage (and not through the auto-update), you will already have this plugin installed.

3.2.0 released!

Posted on 25 July 2018

After a long time (1.5 of year), there it is!

New version has new installer (based on Qt Installer Framework), therefore automatic update from 3.1.1 will not happen. Version 3.2.0 has to be downloaded manually. It comes in two flavors - portable package (as it used to be) and also with installer application.

There are TONS of changes in this version (see ChangeLog for details), but most notable are:

  1. BLOBs with images can be viewed/replaced directly from the app;
  2. Query parameters (?, :param, $param) are now supported and will ask you for values;
  3. New updates mechanism from the Qt Installer Framework (the old one caused a lot of troubles to users);
  4. Extensions manager (define SQLite extensions to load to databases);
  5. SQLite updated to recent 3.24.0 version, with support for UPSERT syntax;
  6. A lot of bugfixes, but among them there are two outstanding positions:
    • textual values, that look like numbers (i.e. 0001) are now not interpreted as number 1 anymore
    • CSV import plugin speed was increased by 1400 times!

GitHub migration

Posted on 19 January 2018
SQLiteStudio has recently migrated to GitHub. This affects the source code repository, as well as issue tracker (bugs & feature requests). This should improve colaboration with potential contributors and also make it more readable, as GitHub has well established platform for the same. All bug reports from old tracker have been migrated to GitHub.

Version 3.1.1 released!

Posted on 02 November 2016
Among tons of bugfixes, there are some new features, such as plugins supporting wxSQLite and System.Data.SQLite databases (latter one only under Windows), batch importing with import() (and its import_*() family) function, support for "Row Value" from recent SQLite 3.15.0 and others - see ChangeLog for full list of changes.

3.1.0 released!

Posted on 10 June 2016
Next major release - it brings SQLCipher plugin and support for new features from SQLite 3.9.x (indexed expressions, explicit View columns), but there is much, much more! See full changelog for details.

DbAndroid plugin 1.1.1 released

Posted on 20 December 2015
This is an update to Android plugin, which fixes some issues when connecting to the device using shell connection method.

3.0.7 released!

Posted on 24 November 2015
This release brings one major feature - when editing foreign key column values user can pick value from dropdown list with valid values for this foreign key. There's also a new entry in context menu when clicked on foreign key cell - "go to referenced row in foreign table". There also some minor bugfixes. More details in the ChangeLog.