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Lastest stable release (3.0.3):

MacOSX64-bit (ix86_64)16.3MB3.0.3sqlitestudio-3.0.3.dmg
Sources (zip)Independent2.9MB3.0.3sqlitestudio-3.0.3.zip
Sources (tar.gz)Independent2.3MB3.0.3sqlitestudio-3.0.3.tar.gz

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3.0.3 released!
This version comes with French and Russian translations! More translations are yet to come. There's also a lot of bugs fixed. See full changelog for details.

Extra plugins
A new service with additional, proprietary plugins for SQLiteStudio is now available: https://salsoft.com.pl/store/, with first plugin providing support for SQLCipher encrypted databases. More plugins are yet to come, with even more awesome features! The link to the store is also available at the top menu of this page.

3.0.2 released!
This version introduces language localization. Currently only Polish translation is available to test how it works, but 3.0.3 should come with more translations. There are also some other minor features and lots of bugs fixed. See changelog for full details.

3.0.1 released!
This is a minor bugfix release with one tiny feature (data grid auto resizing). See changelog for details.

SQLiteStudio 3.0.0 released!
After almost 2 years the version 3.0.0 is finally here! It's rewritten from the scratch. It's faster, smoother, more powerful and looks awesome! You can see for yourself in the gallery (link in the menu on top). More detailed list of changes can be found in the changelog (link is also in the top menu).

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