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Lastest stable release (2.1.5):

Solaris32-bit (ix86)8.0MB2.0.28sqlitestudio-2.0.28.bin
MacOSX64-bit (ix86_64)5.8MB2.1.5sqlitestudio-2.1.5.zip
Sources (zip)Independent2.3MB2.1.5sqlitestudio-2.1.5.zip
Sources (tar.bz2)Independent1.9MB2.1.5sqlitestudio-2.1.5.tar.bz2

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  • There is no installer, since all you need to run SQLiteStudio is to download the binary distribution from download page and just run. UNIX users need to set execute flag for the file before execution.
  • For the source distribution, you need Tcl installed on your system and a couple of Tcl extensions. All extensions (and Tcl core) is included in ActiveState's Batteries-Inluded Tcl distribution: ActiveTcl (http://www.activestate.com/Products/activetcl/). For Linux users or UNIX users, Tcl can be installed from the standard packages.
  • FreeBSD binaries are no longer provided (only old versions are available). In order to run recent SQLiteStudio on FreeBSD please download sourcecode distribution, install ActiveTcl and run SQLiteStudio from sources. More details in manual (click here).

Beta 1 of version 3.0.0 is available!
Details on the forum (click).

Development preview 3
There is a version 3.0.0 development preview 3 available on the forum.

SQLiteStudio on facebook
SQLiteStudio has now it's page on facebook. All news, tips, etc will be published there, so you can track them easy if you use facebook.

2.1.5 released
The 3.0.0 version is still under development, but in the mean time I fixed one of the most annoying bugs in 2.1.x series - crashing when database has a trigger on a view. The second bug fixed is invalid double-quote escaping in exported CSV files. That's all that is fixed in this version. Other bugs are either not very important, or require a lot of effort, which I would rather point on getting 3.0.0 released.

SQLite support forum
During several years of SQLite tool development, I had to learn SQLite in details. Therefore I created the subforum called "SQLite database", here, on our SQLiteStudio's forum. Feel free to ask any SQLite or SQL related questions. I will try to help as much as I can and have time. I hope as time goes by, more people will join and help each other. This is not an official SQLite support forum in any means.

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