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Lastest stable release (3.0.7):

MacOSX64-bit (ix86_64)16.6MB3.0.7sqlitestudio-3.0.7.dmg
Sources (zip)Independent3.1MB3.0.7sqlitestudio-3.0.7.zip
Sources (tar.gz)Independent2.5MB3.0.7sqlitestudio-3.0.7.tar.gz

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3.0.7 released!
This release brings one major feature - when editing foreign key column values user can pick value from dropdown list with valid values for this foreign key. There's also a new entry in context menu when clicked on foreign key cell - "go to referenced row in foreign table". There also some minor bugfixes. More details in the ChangeLog.

DbAndroid plugin freed!
The DbAndroid plugin is now free and open source. All details (including download links) are on forum page: click.

Back to donation funding and more free plugins
SQLiteStudio project is getting back to donation based funding model. Additionally each donation will be represented as brick(s) on The Wall of supporters. Soon the Android plugin will become free and open source! Stay tuned!

Android plugin
Accessing Android databases directly from your computer! Now it's possible with SQLiteStudio and DbAndroid plugin - see presentation

No more pulling and pushing database files. Browsing and editing databases directly on the device using SQLiteStudio - the handy and powerful way.

The plugin is available at the store (click).

If you want to just try it, you can get a trial license.

More details on the plugin - click here.

3.0.6 released!
This version brings a long-awaited UI lifting which increases space for all data views. Less frame borders and margins, more data visibility! Database list now takes bottom-left corner (instead of bottom panel), making the list longer. This layout if configurable in settings. The SQL editor now saves contents (when using 'Save' action) to the previously saved/opened file, without asking for the file each time. There's also a new option when inserting new data rows to make it inserted above/below current row, or at the end of grid view. Finally, there are lots of bug fixes. More details as always in the Changelog. Enjoy!

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